Parts sales are non-returnable. Even if they are not installed.

Cores must be returned within 30 days of the sale date to be eligible for full credit.

Cores must be unopened, undamaged, and rebuildable. They must pass an internal inspection. Normal wear and tear expected.

Our warranty covers defect in parts and our rebuilding labor only. No installation labor coverage or loss of use.

Customer pays for all shipping/handling and insurance. Customer pays to return any defective unit. Customer pays for shipping/handling and insurance for Power Brake X-Change Inc. to send back any defective unit to the customer.

Customer authorizes the assessment charge of 50% of the rebuilding cost to be paid for every unit that is sent in for rebuilding. The assessment charge is applied to the full rebuilding of the unit. Units must be rebuildable with parts that come in a repair kit. Units cannot have rusted/pitted, bent, broken, frozen/galled, unusable structures, or missing parts. Normal wear and tear is expected.

If the unit cannot be rebuilt by us or fails then the assessment charge is non-refundable.

The customer must handle any damages to items caused by shipping with their freight provider.

All threads are confirmed before units are shipped. Damaged threads void warranty.

Units run without clean proper fluid voids warranty.

On insurance claims the customer receives 2/3 of the settlement and Power Brake X-Change Inc. receives 1/3 of insurance settlement (plus the invoice amount).

Units are to be installed and the total system confirmed safe by a qualified professional mechanic.