Shipping / Handling

Please package the unit extra carefully to cushion the unit to be sure it cannot be damaged from the dropping of the package from 3 feet. Always line the box with additional cardboard for strength. Provide a packing slip with your return information and vehicle details. We need your daytime phone number. Attach onto the old unit a tag with your return address and phone number in case the unit is lost in shipping.

Brake Boosters: Please provide a tube longer than the input shaft to protect the fragile Bakelite at the input area. It can break like eggs.

Treadle-Vacs: Please empty all fluid from the Master Cylinder and keep any output fitting. Be sure the input rod and face plate toward the firewall are with the unit. Place the unit in 2 plastic grocery bags to keep any leakage contained.

Power Steering Pump: Please send the unit with the Pulley, Reservoir, and Lid. It will be returned with these items.

Power Steering Gear Box: Please rotate the unit several times to exhaust all fluid from inside the unit. Cap off the outlets to prevent leakage during shipment. Witness mark then remove the pitman arm with a pitman arm puller and keep the input coupler. Place unit into a sturdy box that is lined with additional cardboard to provide appropriate strength for shipment.

ATE Teves ABS: Please empty all fluid from the reservoir and cap off outlets. Place unit into a box that has been lined with additional cardboard to provide appropriate strength. Cushion the unit very well as there are many fragile plastic parts. For the price quoted we must be able to reuse the following 3 items: The Accumulator, The Solenoid Block and The Switch.

Manual Steering Gear Box: Please cover and protect the input threads and splines as they are easily damaged or dingled. Witness mark the pitman arm then pull it with a pitman arm puller. A good shipping box can be found for free at a bicycle shop after they assembly a new bike. Cut it down to fit your unit.

Power Steering Cylinder: Please exhaust all fluid from the unit by stroking the shaft in and out of the unit several times. Cap off the outlets to prevent leakage. Package the cylinder in a box that has been lined with extra cardboard to prevent the unit poking through the box. Yes we have received boxes shipped to us with nothing inside and a hole in the side of the box!